I could use this space to write about my photography using lots of prose and emotion. I could throw out words like “soul” and “essence” or a hundred other clichés. But I’m not going to do that. I’m going to talk, quite simply, about what you need. And that’s Awesome™ images, and you needed them yesterday.

That is what you get from me.

You won’t find primadonna’s here. I don’t do drama. Do you already know what you want? Great, let’s shoot! Need some help figuring out what would look best? Let’s set up a consultation. I’ll even treat you to lunch while we discuss your needs.

Awesome™ images.

That is what I deliver to each and every client.

  • Head Shots
  • Modeling Portfolios
  • Band/Musician Photos
  • Commercial/Advertising Portraits

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Wedding photo and pose

Weddings are dependably a fun approach to unite all the general population that has molded the lives of the love birds to-be. Whether you're getting hitched soon or shooting a wedding pictorial yourself, you'll find numerous crisp thoughts for subjects, stances, shots and props in this enormous gathering of inventive wedding escort photographs.Apart from your wonderful wedding dress, if there's one thing not to disregard on your big day, it must be your wedding photographs.

Shanna – A Tattoo Portrait

Back to shooting my favorite subject the other day – tattoos. Why do I keep coming back to this? Why do I love shooting tattoos so much? I can only guess, really. Sometimes artists are drawn to their subjects for completely unknown reasons. Sometimes we just like a certain aesthetic. I enjoy the idea of the body as a canvas for artwork. I’m not drawn to just anyone with a tattoo – there’s a certain something about some people with tattoos – something more than just “Look at my bad-ass tattoo!”

Kim & Sydney – Family Portraits – West Monroe NY

Shot these a while back – this is my sister and niece. An absolutely adorable little girl (not to mention a complete PITA, just like my lil sis). Here’s the thing: when I’m not around, she asks about me quite a bit. But if I’m around she’s kind of terrified of me. Something about my size, I guess. I tried posing her for the first few shots, but it quickly became apparent that wasn’t happening. Finally I just gave up and did what I prefer to do when shooting kids: