How to be a better photographer in 4 steps

If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of better stuff.

–Jim Richardson

Quick tip today: Whether your camera is a point and shoot or a $5,000 pro level camera, there is always room for improvement and I’m going to show you how to achieve that improvement. Ready?

  1. Shoot some stuff
  2. Edit that stuff
  3. Ask for critique
  4. Repeat

Underwhelmed? There’s no magic bullet. No little red pill. No one piece of equipment that’s going to make you a better photographer. Shoot. Try new things. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Get a critique from someone whose opinion you value and trust. Don’t just pop your pictures up on Facebook or Flickr and wait for all your friends to comment with things like, “Wow! Great picture. Love it!”. That’s not a critique. You can ask a fellow photographer for an honest critique, or you can join a Flickr group devoted to giving honest feedback. Don’t take everything that’s said as gospel truth; listen to what is being said and change what makes sense. Not only does this improve your photography, it helps you grow a thick skin; which, one needs in this industry.

So go out and shoot; whatever interests you. I hope this helps!