Dark Pin-Ups with April McClintock

New Conceptual Work

I had a chance this week to work on some personal, conceptual work that’s been rattling around in my brain over the past few weeks. The first, a shoot in an abandoned warehouse of a model with a violin is a test shot for a future shoot with a cellist/photographer friend of mine. This image represents a real turning point in my career. It’s an image that I saw completely in my head before I shot it. It involved sketching out the shot. It involved problem-solving before, during and after the shoot. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this image and afterwards my brain let loose a big sigh of relief, both for finally getting the image out and also for all the creative energy that went into the image. I’m hoping in the future, shoots don’t take quite so much out of me, mentally.

You can read more about the creative steps involved in this image on the Lighting Essentials blog.

The second image came out of a Challenge put up by the East Coast Artists: models would be randomly assigned with photographers, and then a theme would be assigned, again, randomly. I was paired with Keria (who I really enjoy working with, she’s an incredibly creative person and telling a story with an image) and we were given the theme “Circle”. I knew I didn’t want to interpret that word literally, so I just let my mind wander over all the different meanings and usages of circle. I kept coming back to “Circle of Life”, which made me think of an egg, which led me to think of making a giant nest out of twigs and sticking Keria in it, wrapped around the egg. Honestly, the most time consuming and frustrating part of the whole process was the egg. I have a -3 to my Pottery Skill and it pretty much shows in the final product – trust me, lots of Photoshop went into the egg in the final image. I built the nest in a ditch near my parents house (it was darker there, and there was an availability of sticks), which took an hour, then another hour to get the light just right. Snapped off maybe 15 frames and called it a day.

I’m quite proud of both of these images. And, as a bonus, I finally have some of my art that my wife actually WANTS on the wall. Score.