Rebecca – Modeling Portfolio

Just did a modeling portfolio shoot for Rebecca from Albany. I can’t tell you how many elements of Awesome came together for this one shoot. Actually, I can, and will tell you, otherwise I have little else to write about. First off, I asked her how much time she could give me. When someone is coming from that far away, I want to be prepared and be able to move quickly to get the shots they need and get done. Her reply: “I can probably give you from 10am to 8pm.” Jaw, meet floor. It’s like pulling teeth to get 4 hours out of some people. We ended up scheduling her shoot from 1pm to 8pm. I ended up wishing I had taken the full day – so many fantastic shots!

I’m ahead of myself: the next few days I spent in preparation – I decided some wardrobe would be nice and headed down to Moontide Arts in Watertown. It’s a Wiccan shop in Public Square and Victoria sells some fantastic jewelry and clothing so I thought I pick up a few things. Turns out she’s ditching the clothes and moving a few shops down to a smaller space. She said, “Buy 10 items or more and I’ll sell them to you at cost.” Wow. Got on the phone with my wife and told her to get down to the store to help me shop. We ended up with 13 pieces of clothing and 2 necklaces.

The day of the shoot was fantastic, we started out at Sacket’s Harbor along the lake and the clouds were fantastic. But soon the clouds started dispersing and the sun came out so we decided to hit up the warehouse with the intention of coming back to Sacket’s for sunset. The sun was starting to set by the time we finished and I didn’t see any clouds in the sky, so I asked if they felt like making the drive back to Sacket’s and see what we could get or if they just wanted to call it a day. We decided to at least go over and see what the sky looked like. Halfway there I could tell we were going to have a beautiful sunset – and also that we were going to be very close to missing it. I may or may not have gone significantly over the speed limit; it shall be noted, however, that we arrived safely and just in time. She was freezing and I was clicking the button as fast as I could – the only directions I gave her were “Don’t think, just do!”. But we pulled off some AMAZING sunset images and she’s working up her Comp Card as this is being written.